Hello Everyone !

I'm ready for a new life.. So I decided to quit Quebec province and possibly the Canada for establishing my family in USA or in Alberta.

Like Neo in the Matrix, the spoon does not exist !!

I'm an IT system analyst specializes in insurance and banks  looking for a new job

So if you know some opportunities... don't hesitat to contact me !


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Commentaire de Rémi Roy le 8 août 2013 à 12:03

Hi Benoit, I don't understand why you wrote your message in english but good luck with your research :)

On my side I used resume director to post my reseume on every site. It work because I received a lot of call after my post. Sometime totally not interesting, sometime I've an interview :)

Finally I found my job by a lot of luck. I looked a profile of a manager on Linked in and a days after the manager sent me an email to check with me if I'm interested for a job in Florida and if I want to pass an interview with him the next week.

I could be a long process. On my side it will take 1 year and 2 months from the beginning to the time I will start to work.

FYI I am exactly in the same domain of you. Software Engineer / Scrum Master in the insurance domain.

Best regards :)

Commentaire de Julie Lesage le 9 août 2013 à 13:13

He probably wrote his email in English to get noticed by potential employees.  As I mentioned before, many recruiters are coming here but most of them are looking for workers with a very targeted resume!

Commentaire de Alain Bourque le 12 août 2013 à 11:13

Tu mentionnes que tu as utilisé "Resume Director" ...  Est-ce que cela vaut vraiment la peine puisque le coût est quand même de 60$ pour pouvoir publier notre CV.


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