I have doubts if I have an American offer from an employer. I'd just present myself in the ariport? I travel with my family, I need to sell everything. So, if it doesn'T work I will get nothing...Other question, My wife could apply for a work visa also once we get there? Thank you,

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I privately answered your question but I will answer here for others !

If you have a job in the US and your profession is in the TN job list, you need a letter from your new employer, diploma or proof of experience, your passport, your license if your profession require one, you marriage certificate if you bring your spouse and $50.  You can do so at any border.. airport or else.

Your spouse will receive a TD status ( no able to work) but she can receive a TN as well if she get a job and her profession is also included in the NAFTA list ( TN). 

Good luck

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